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Fast and Affordable Stump Removal 

Optimum Tree Service offers quick and prompt tree stump grinding services. We are capable of grinding a stump a foot or 12 inches deep. We have powerful grinders that can eat and chip away at a stump and its root system. If you need a stump removed or extracted at a great cost call us today!

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Stump Removal

Removing a stump frees up your land or yard for new plants or fresh new lawn grass. This can greatly improve the quality of life as these dead stump can become problems down the line. These stumps can become home to mushrooms and fungi that may not be toxic but have pollen that can cause irritation. These stumps can also become nice nest for rodents, and reptiles which carry diseases and parasites. Avoid the headache and have your stump professionally removed from your home at a low cost from Optimum Tree Service.

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Tree Mulch

The remains of a stump after it experiences a stump grinding machine, leaves a mixture of soft soil and fresh chipped bark. This bark will quickly break down in the soil at an accelerated rate due to the macro life absorbing its nutrients and passing it down more nutrients as a bi product that plants and trees thrive on. Want to learn more call us today and schedule your free evaluation. 

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Tree Stump Removal offered for both residential and commercial at the best PRICE

Dead Tree Stump Removal are all insured and bonded for your property safety

Dangerous Tree Stump Removal are a specialty of Optimum Tree Service

Multiple Tree Stump Removal offer high discounts the more trees we remove

Land or Lot Debris Removal are no problem for our cews.

24 hr Fallen Tree Removal services are available, live operator standing by.

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