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5 Key Tips for Drafting a Tree Removal Contract

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

When engaging in tree removal services, having a comprehensive contract is essential for clarity and protection for both the service provider and the client. Here are five key tips to consider when drafting a tree removal contract:

Cutting the lower trunk of the tree leaving a Stump of the root system to be removed by a Grinding machine..
Tree Removal

Include a General Business Scope of Work:

This section should broadly outline the services offered. It's important to detail the types of tree removal services provided, such as hazard tree removal or wildfire mitigation, and to mention the insurance coverage. This sets clear expectations for the client about the scope of services.

Provide a Detailed Job Description:

Specificity is crucial. The contract should list the exact number of trees, their types, and locations. If additional services like stump grinding or off-site disposal are offered, these should also be included. A detailed job description prevents misunderstandings and ensures both parties agree on the work scope.

Specify the Performance Window:

Clearly state the timeframe for the work completion. This could be an immediate service or a specific time window, like 30 days. This section is vital for managing customer expectations regarding service timing.

Outline Pricing and Calculation Method:

Transparency in pricing is key. The contract should clearly detail the total cost, how it is calculated, and any down payment required. This could involve a breakdown of costs based on various factors like operating expenses, liability, or volume.

Incorporate Comprehensive Terms and Conditions:

This section should cover all industry-specific terms and conditions. This includes performance standards, workmanship, insurance details, and terms of payment. Special clauses, such as handling of pet waste on the job site, should also be included to ensure a professional and safe working environment.

A well-crafted tree removal contract is vital for any arborist or tree service provider. It not only safeguards the business from potential legal complications but also enhances customer satisfaction by setting clear expectations regarding the service, pricing, and terms.

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